On 8-12 November, 2014 near the town of Zhuhai in south-eastern China, the fourth meeting of the members of the IFAR (International Forum for Aviation Research) Association was took place, during which several meetings and visits were held. The Institute of Aviation also had a strong presence at the event.

The priority points on the meeting’s agenda included: The Ordinary General Meeting and the preceding meeting of the Steering Committee, Conference for Young Researchers and visits:  at Conference 7. China International Aviation and Aerospace Forum, Zhuhai Airshow and the assembly line in the CAIGA (China Aviation Industry General Aircraft).

It was attended by 39 delegates from institutes of aviation and aerospace from around the world and 12 young researchers participating in the Conference.

During the plenary sessions, apart from formal issues, the results of the projects initiated by IFAR that have already been completed were discussed as were plans for the future.

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