On 29th October 2014 the Association National Chamber of Alternative Fuels organized a conference on changes in the law and their effects on biofuels.

The conference was opened by the Chairman, Henryk Zamojski, who presented changes in the law enabling the production of liquid biohydrocarbons. During the conference were discussed mainly biofuels used in transport, bioeconomy in Europe, rules of using wastes and residues from production processes, and also raw material needs.

Representative of the Institute of Aviation – Zbigniew Pągowski and the ATS Air Transport Support – Andrzej Rode considered the necessity of accommodating the national law for aviation biofuels, whose quick development can stimulate the development of biofuels technology in surface transport. It is worth to know that, according to the latest IATA 2013 Report on Alternative Fuels as a contribution from ICAO Secretariat (beginning in July 2012), over 18 airliners performed more than 1500 commercial flights, including the planned flights, where biofuels BioJetA were used, which are produced according to ASTM 7566 norm published in 2009 (FT method) and appendix from 2011 (HEFA method, known also as HRJ or BioSK).

The lack of national legislation on this issue can cause problems for aviation companies and air fuel manufactures. Although the fuel produced by FT method or HEFA started the biofuel implementation process, the roadmap of new fuels has already been marked out and soon numerous additional processes will be implemented, among other things: processing alcohol into the JetA fuel (“alcohol-to-jet”), ranging from ethanol.

Debaters mentioned also various initiatives and technologies, which showed up in Poland recently, i.a. air fuel production integrated with the production of transport fuels for automatic or ignition engines with trash made by SOLENA or camelina made by JetE Microfiner.

This creates new opportunities for the development of biofuels in Poland, which the Association National Chamber of Alternative Fuels will actively assist in legislative process, as well as in promoting new technologies, assured the Chairman of the Association, Henryk Zamojski.

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