On September 12-14th, 2017 the Institute of Aviation carried out a theoretical and practical training entitled: “Composite materials used in aviation”. The training was prepared by the Center for Composite Technology staff for inspectors of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The programme of the training included the following issues:
– composite materials,
– Introduction to aerospace composite technology,
– composite materials research,
– tools, and conditions on  work health and safety regulations,
– composite repair technology,
–  repair technology of bonded metallic sandwich structures,
– non-destructive tests of composite elements,
– control of the manufacturing process of composite structures on the example of the ILX-27 helicopter rotor blade made at the Institute of Aviation.

The practical classes where each participant of the training carried out repairs of the composite structure attracted the most interest. Inspectors of the Civil Aviation Authority drew attention to the problems of composite structures that they encounter on a daily basis during their work.

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