On July 25th 2017 a seminar was held, closing the three month internship of four students from Ohio State University at the Institute of Aviation. This is the fifth group of American students to complete their internship at the Institute of Aviation.

During the seminar students presented the projects they were engaged in, the knowledge they acquired, as well as their own achievements.

  1. Jason A. Scheele participated in project of modeling dynamic stall with CFD, in the Center of New Technologies, Department of Aerodynamics, under the supervision of Dr. Adam Sieradzki.
  2. Jason Deitrick studied technologies related to pressure sensitive paint, also in the Center of New Technologies, Department of Aerodynamics, in the team led by Dr. Wit Stryczniewicz.
  3. Allison Kuhar was involved in testing technologies using temperature sensitive paint, in the Engineering Design Center, Combustor Cooling Team, under the supervision of Krzysztof Jedliński.
  4. Chris Baddour was involved in composite material screening tests, in the Center of Composite Technologies, Composite Testing Laboratories, under the supervision of Małgorzata Zalewska.

Read more on the scientific cooperation between the Institute of Aviation and Ohio State University: https://ilot.lukasiewicz.gov.pl/en/cooperation/foreign-cooperation/ohio-state-university/.

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