On 11 March 2016 an open plenary session of the Committee on Space Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences was held at the Institute of Aviation. The participants of the meeting were representatives of space sector in government agencies and scientists.

The meeting was opened by the director of the Institute of Aviation, professor Witold Wiśniowski, who, in his speech, referred to the research activities conducted by the Center of Space Technologies, one of the Institute’s R&D centers.

The session was opened by the President of the Committee on Space Research PAS., professor Piotr Wolański.

Afterwards, the director of the department in the Ministry of Economic Development – Otylia Stroińska-Trzaskalska, summed up three years of Poland’s presence in the European Space Agency structures.

The session was followed by presentations of the Institute of Aviation representatives. Professor Piotr Wolański gave a speech on “Launchers to lift small satellites” and the director of the Center of Space Technologies, PhD Eng. Leszek Loroch, spoke about the R&D activities carried out at the center.

At the end, the guests were invited by the head of Space Technology Division, M.Sc. Eng. Wojciech Florczuk, to tour the laboratories.

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