On Thursday, 8th February 2018, the Institute of Aviation farewelled the first group of students from Brazil who came to the Institute for a six-month-long internship.

During the seminar closing their internship, the students of Universidade de Brasília: Lucas Santos de Morais Silva, Luiz Fernando Rocha de Carvalho, Marcia Aline Ribeiro Silva, Daniel Back da Trinidade, and Beatriz de Souza Rodrigues presented the projects they worked on as well as their individual achievements. A part of their presentation was dedicated to the advantages of the student exchange program and the internship at the Institute of Aviation, including the possibility of learning about and living in European culture.

Students have completed their internships at the Center of New Technologies (Aerodynamics Department), the Center of Space Technologies (Remote Sensing Department), the Center of Composite Technologies and the Center for Transport and Energy Conversion.

The purpose of the internship was to gain experience in working in the aviation environment, with particular emphasis on work on research projects. The interns supported engineers of the Institute of Aviation in carrying out tunnel tests, analysis of aerial photographs, tests of composite materials, as well as in calculations, analyzes and data processing for current projects.

Among the special guests invited to this seminar were professor Paulo Gessini and professor Giancarlo Santilli from the University of Brasilia.

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