CleanSat: Technology assessment and Concurrent engineering in support of LEO platform evolutions (ESA)


15The CleanSat project had the aim of consolidating system-level requirements for an advanced propulsion system for satellite deorbitating. Apart from delivering the design and conducting necessary performance calculations, the deorbitation trajectory was determined in order to be in-line with the 25-year rule.

The Institute of Aviation was the leader of the fully-Polish consortium. Cooperation with Thales Alenia Space Italia took place. Work included meetings in the ESA CDF (Concurrent Design Facility). Apart from propulsion system analysis, several actions were taken in the field of satellite mechanical configuration.

The project was carried out at the Institute of Aviation in the Center of Space Technologies.

Project leader: Paweł Nowakowski, Eng.
Phone: (+ 48) 22 846 00 11 ext. 321
E-mail: pawel.nowakowski[at]
Funding institution: ESA

Learn more about this project at ESA website:


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