Engineers of the Center of Space Technologies participated in the ESA Clean Space Industrial Days 2018 event at ESTEC in the Netherlands on October 23-25, 2018.

Representatives of the Institute of Aviation were invited by the European Space Agency to give a presentation on the progress in the field of engines for permanent propellants for deorbiting satellites.

Engineer Paweł Nowakowski from the Space Technologies Department showed the latest results related to the development of dedicated propellant material, which was developed by a fully Polish consortium led by the Institute of Aviation with Mesko S.A., Institute of Organic Industry and ZPS Gamrat.

The new solution is very popular with European industry and the continuation of work with the European Space Agency is planned.

The Clean Space Industrial Days is an event that aims to provide an insight into the technological advancements achieved to date in the field of ecoDesign for space, technologies for Space Debris Mitigation (SDM), Active Debris Removal (ADR) and Space Servicing Vehicles (SSV).

Thanks to the Clean Space initiative, ESA is a pioneer of the ecological approach to space activities. In practice, this means the use of more ecological materials, processes and industrial technologies. In space, this means maintaining the Earth’s orbital environment as a safe zone and free from impurities.

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