Engineers of the Center of Space Technologies of the Institute of Aviation participated for the third time in the event hosted by the European Space Agency – Clean Space Industrial Days 2017, which was held on 24-26 October 2017.

The speakers were Paweł Nowakowski, who delivered a presentation on “Conceptual design of Solid Rocket Motor for deorbitation and advances in the development of an Aluminium-free solid propellant” and Adam Okniński from the Space Technologies Department, who was invited to co-chair the session devoted to propulsion passivation systems.

The next day after the event there was a meeting of the “Solid-Propellant-Aluminum-Free Solid Propellant” project led by the Institute of Aviation under the ESA GSTP program. This is the second project of the Institute in the field of propulsion for satellite deorbitol.

The Institute of Aviation is one of the first research institutions in Europe to deal with this topic. Currently, the project is being developed by a fully Polish consortium in cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry, Mesko S.A and ZPS Gamrat.

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