On 1st January 2015 the Institute of Aviation opened a new division – Center for Composite Technologies. Konrad Kozaczuk, M.Sc. Eng. was appointed an acting director.

By decree of the Director of the Institute of Aviation published on 17th December 2014 the Composite Division was relocated from the Center of New Technologies to the Center for Composite Technologies.

The Center was established to deliver composite technology solutions and composite material tests for aviation industry.

The Center will carry out projects in the field of:

  • mechanical tests according to ASTM standards to determinate composite material properties and create material database,
  • technology development for  composite components  manufacturing with usage of carbon fiber prepregs and Out of Autoclave processing,
  • monitoring of delamination progression in composite materials with usage of numerical (NASTRAN, ANSYS, ABAQUS) and experimental methods.
  • detection of defects and analyzing its progression in composite materials by ultrasonic and visual NDT methods.

The organizational structure of the Center:

  • Composite Structures Manufacturing Division,
  • Project Management Division,
  • Composites Testing Laboratory.

The technical equipment of the Center for Composite Technologies allows to carry out many sophisticated tests on composite materials. All the tests are provided by competent personnel with compliance to international standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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