The Institute of Aviation is working on the National Science Center project  “Demonstrator of wing flaps mechanization ” Butterfly Wing” using magnetorheological material.” The main matter of the project commenced in December 2011 is to develop an innovative solution to control the mechanical wings flap using magnetorheological materials. It is assumed that a newly developed structural element, forming a structure analogous to mechatronics – a synergistic combination of control, innovative design solutions and materials that will use the magnetorheological material, bionically similar to the wing of a butterfly and not a classical executive system. This solution can be  used as an element of the wing flaps or rotorcraft, and its may involve both an increase in the lift or reduce drag forces as well as influencing on the active aerodynamics to reduce flatter effects such as flutter and excessive vibration and load of structures, noise accompanying the motion or mitigate the loss of energy necessary to drive the aircraft.

Duration of the project: 36 months

Project leader: dr. Eng. Paweł Skalski

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