The Chapter of Błękitne Skrzydła has awarded an individual distinction to professor Piotr Wolański for outstanding aerospace activities of teaching and research. The award will be given during the main ceremonies of the Aviation Day on 28th of August.

Błękitne Skrzydła is awarded for the most outstanding achievements in Polish aviation over the year, preceeding the awarding, and for the overall outstanding activities for Polish aviation, both domestically and abroad.

The award was established in 1964 by the editorial Skrzydlata Polska. Since 1990 the distinction has been awarded jointly by Skrzydlata Polska and Krajowa Rada Lotnictwa with Aeroklub Polski.

The laureate of this year’s award, professor Piotr Wolański, is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of research on internal combustion engines, detonations, explosions and astrophysics. He has been co-operating with the Institute of Aviation since 1993 and has been re-elected as a member to its Scientific Council. He created the Space Technology Laboratory at the Center for Space Technologies in the Institute of Aviation. He was awarded an honorary doctorate of the Military University of Technology in 2015.

The  awarding ceremony will be held on 28th of August at Pole Mokotowskie in Warsaw, at the monument dedicated to the Polish Airmen who died in 1939-1945.

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