A book dedicated to tensor calculus by professor Maciej Bossak has been released. We invite you to purchase and read it!

Tensor calculus, which is a generalization of vector calculus, has found a variety of applications in mathematics and physics. With it you can simplify and shorten the records of complex operations and mathematical relationships and formulate for example the laws of physics as independent of the adopted coordinate system in a compact and clear in the form of tensor equations (equations, inequalities).

Basis of tensor calculus and related symbolic and indicator notations are presented in relation to the curvilinear coordinate systems.

Becoming acquainted with them should make scientific publications easier to read and understand.

The book can be purchased at the online store.

Professor Maciej Bossak’s previous publication, “Fundamentals of tensor calculus in Cartesian coordinates”, is also available at the online shop at this address.

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