The main objective of the proposed project is to design a new concept of active flow control system based on suction-blowing devices for the control of the aerodynamic load on aircraft wing and to check its usability by CFD calculations and wind tunnel tests.

In the project two types of fluidic devices are proposed:

  • blowing devices (mini-nozzles) in spoiler area of outer wing, whose task is to reduce aerodynamic load in this part of the wing. It is assumed, that these devices should imitate effect of real-spoiler deflection.
  • blowing devices producing the Coanda effect at the trailing edge of the outer wing. Their task is also to reduce aerodynamic load in outer part of the wing. It is assumed that these devices will generally modify local circulation by changing flow velocity at wing trailing edge.

The project is currently in the third year of realisation. Numerical two- and three-dimensional flow simulations conducted during the first two years of works have confirmed the initial expectations of the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. During the third year of project realisation wind-tunnel investigations of the proposed solutions are scheduled.

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