Fot./Photo credit: Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A.

On March 27, 2019, the Novotel Warszawa Airport hotel hosted an international conference and exhibition “New Generation Aviation – strategies, technologies, solutions”. The Institute of Aviation was an official partner and an active participant of the event.

The “New Generation Aviation – strategies, technologies, solutions” is a an event unique on a national scale that brings together the civil, general and government aviation communities as well as creating a venue for the presentation of innovative solutions in conditions of complete transparency and for a merit-based debate on issues related to aviation, its infrastructure and its industrial and maintenance base.

The opening debate of this year’s edition was dedicated to the development strategy for aviation in Poland, with particular emphasis on the Central Transportation Port (CPK). Conference participants debated also on the following topics: current and future place of the national carrier on the map of Europe, the CPK and its impact on the domestic and European air transport market, financing the development of air transport in Poland and the significance of the current stage of civil aviation development for Poland’s defences.

Further sessions of the conference were devoted to detailed issues from the aerospace sector. In the moderated session “Research, new technologies and financing of innovation”, the head of the Remote Sensing Department of the Institute of Aviation – Mariusz Kacprzak gave a speech on the: “Satellite recognition and imaging – current and future opportunities and sources of projects financing”.

The conference was addressed to representatives of the government administration, the aicraft industry from Poland and other countries, representatives of the Air Force and airports. Among the participants there were also the director of the Institute of Aviation – Paweł Stężycki and the director of the Center for Space Technologies (Institute of Aviation) – Leszek Loroch.

The Institute of Aviation, as a partner of the event, also presented its scientific and research offer in the field of aviation and space technologies.

The organizers of the event were Polish Air Force University and the Management Board of the Warsaw Fair S.A.

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