From 16 till 26th October 2014 in Museum of Technology in Warsaw will take place the Aviation Book Festival. It will be a chance to familiarize yourself with the wide range of books published by the Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation and to meet special guests.

At the stand of the Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation will be presented publications from the History Library and Science Library, the latest book by professor Tadeusz Królikiewicz and Wojtek Matusiak “Polish Plane and Color. Polish Air Force in the West, 1940-1946“ and other scientific publications.

Visitors of the stand of the Institute of Aviation will have an opportunity to meet Jerzy Zięborak – a retired test pilot of the Institute of Aviation, a soldier of the Home Army and a Warsaw insurgent.

Mr Zięborak will be present at the Festival on 18th and 26th October from 11 a.m. till 1 p.m. It will be a great chance to talk with him and to get an autograph. The Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation have prepared especially for this occasion 12 books free of charge written by Mr Zięborak – „Studium katastrofy Liberatora AL 523 Gibraltar 1943″.

We also invite for a you for a meeting with Jerzy Jędrzejewski, a former test pilot, that will be held on 26th October from 11 a.m to 1 p.m.. Mr. Jędrzejewski will be signing his latest book – “Polscy piloci doświadczalni” (“The Polish test pilots”). The book presents profiles of pilots who have performed test flights on the construction of gliders, airplanes and helicopters on the Polish soil and pilots of Polish origin, who performed test flights outside the home country (eg. J. Żurakowski, F.N. Piasecki, F.S. Gabreski). The author is a founding member of the Test Pilot Club. For 40 years he was a test pilot; he flew 58 types of single- and multi-engined airplanes. First 5 persons, who will attend the meeting with Mr. Jędrzejewski will receive his books free of charge.

The employees of the Institute of Aviation will be able to visit the Festival exhibition free of charge on condition that they present their work ID’s at the Education Department in Museum of Technology in Warsaw.

We would like to inform that during the Festival (16 October – 26 October), the online shop of the Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation will give a 20% discount on all their books. To receive a discount please enter the Polish word: “Festiwal” in the box “Kupon rabatowy”, click on “Zapisz”, “Zamów”, fill in the form “Formularz zamówienia” with your name, surname, address, phone number and your e-mail address, tick the box “Akceptuję warunki regulaminu” and click on “Wyślij zamówienie”.

The ceremonial opening will take place on 16th  October at 12:00 a.m.

Visitors will be able to read publications, both professional and popular on the history, present times and the future of aeronautics. The exhibition will be complemented by a number of aircraft models related to the Polish aviation made ​​by the Fan Club of Scale Model “Pancelot”. At the same time, will be presented an exhibition devoted to the anniversary of Challenge 1934: commemorative photographs, press releases, publications, models, and many curiosities. It will be an opportunity to see a unique cup from that contest on 16th  – 17th October.

During the Festival also aviation films will be presented and aviation board game workshops for children and youth will take place.

On 17th October at 2 p.m. will start a conference on the history and the future of Polish aviation with the presence of: Gen. Jerzy Gotowała, Col. Jerzy Gruszczyński, Katarzyna Ochabska, Ph.D. Edward Malak, Dr Andrzej Glass and Dr Tymoteusz Pawłowski.

Current information about the Aviation Book Festival is available on the website (Museum of Technology in Warsaw – the organizer of the Festival).

Festival organizers are Museum of Technology in Warsaw and League of Friends of Polish Aviation. The scientific patronage of the Aviation Book Festival has been taken over by the Institute of Aviation.

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