On March 28, Ambassador of the USA in Poland, Lee Feinstein visited the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, a premier Polish research institution that supports advance research with U.S. partners like General Electric (GE), Pratt & Whitney, Boeing and United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

With CEO Witold Wiśniowski as his guide, the Ambassador toured GE’s state-of-the-art oil and gas drilling laboratory and met with Polish engineers working for GE. He spoke with Institute directors about their innovative work, including design for the super-efficient GEnx engine for the Boeing 747 and 787. Another area of interest was the Engineering Design Center’s work on coal gasification, aimed at significantly reducing the amount of pollutants released during coal-powered electricity generation.

During the visit, Ambassador Feinstein remarked, “The United States and Poland both have an interest in developing new technologies that reduce emissions and improve the safety of oil and gas drilling — the Institute of Aviation represents a great example of collaboration that helps advance our shared scientific goals for the 21st century.”

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