On 14 and 15 march 2012 a ICT-Seminar took place in Minsk and Grodno in Belarus.
The hosts presented air cargo situation in Belarus.
Belarus is favorably located at a crossroads of important transport routes connecting the western EU countries with South East Asia as well as two regional markets, Russia and the countries of the Black Sea coast with the countries of Baltic Sea Region. Currently, the transit potential of Belarus is only used in 25-30%. The main reason is the absence of modern logistic infrastructure. The market of logistical services in Belarus is on an initial level of development, demand for quality logistic services considerably exceeds capabilities, and there is no notable competition. Provision with storage space considerably lags behind worldwide tendencies. As a result, instead of logistic services, Belarus provides mostly transport services. Effective use of location potential is considered as a priority strategic goal. Logistics and training of skilled personnel in regions is included in priority directions of state economic development.
In Belarus, there are 7 international airports: Minsk-2, Minsk-1, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilyov, Gomel and Grodno. The capital airport Minsk-2 carries out role of a domestic hub and dictates transport policy to other airports. Total export air transport services exceed import at 102,3 million US dollars.
In 2010, transport sector produced 6,6 % of Belarusian gross domestic product and employed 6 % of the total workforce. Belarusian logistics was ranked 74th in 2009 (not classified in 2010) in World Bank’s Logistical Performance Index. It is close to the Ukraine (73rd place in 2009, 102nd in 2010) and was higher than Russia (99th place in 2009, 94th in 2010). The world rating was led by Singapore, and Germany. Among the neighboring countries, the highest ranked are Poland with 40th place in 2009 and 30th in 2010 and Latvia with 42nd place in 2009 and 37th in 2010.
Institute of Aviation was represented by Mr. Wojciech Miksa, who presented future of air cargo in Poland.
The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere.
Belaeronavigatsia SOE and Yanka Kupala State University in Grodno are Belarus project partners in Baltic.AirCargo.Net project.
Part-financed by the European Union
(European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)

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