An event called “AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum”, the world’s largest aerospace conference, was held in Atlanta, USA on July 10-12, 2017. The Institute of Aviation was represented by the Center of Space Technologies researchers: Grzegorz Rarata, PhD, Paweł Surmacz, PhD Eng., Kamil Sobczak, PhD Eng. and Wojciech Florczuk, PhD Eng.

During the main panels of the conference our representatives delivered four presentations on rocket propulsion:

  • Performance evaluation of hypergolic green propellants based on HTP for future next generation spacecrafts
  • Experimental Evaluation of a Catalyst Bed Based on MnxOy/Al2O3 Catalyst for Decomposition of 98% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Test Campaign of a Green Liquid Bi-propellant Rocket Engine Using Catalytically Decomposed 98% Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidizer
  • Design of a Solid Rocket Motor for Controlled Deorbitation

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The presentations succeded in drawing attention to the latest Polish achievements in rocket technology, in particular the development of hydrogen peroxide-based propulsion and the modern approach to the issue of space debris.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ohio State University, with whom the Institute cooperates. Dr. Mike Benzakein, the director of the Propulsion and Power Center at the Ohio State University, led the main discussion panel on the future of aircraft propulsion.

The conference allowed the attendees from the Institute of Aviation to share experiences with representatives of the leading missile technology companies and to open discussions with a range of new potential scientific and business partners.

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