For almost three decades, the European Aeronautics Days (Aerodays) have been a leading event in aviation research and innovation, reflecting the priorities and strategies set out in the European Union research framework programmes. The 8th Aerodays, held this year from 24-26 November 2020, built on the achievements of Horizon 2020, so far the largest EU research and innovation programme, and on the new approach of integrating two events organised as TandemAEROdays19.20 in Romania in 2019 and Germany in 2020.

This year’s edition of AeroDays2020 in Germany formed two events: Berlin Aviation Summit and FORUM. During the high-level opening meeting, the Berlin Aviation Summit, on November 24th, key players from all stakeholders discussed strategies for revitalizing international aviation and global value chains. The discussions and panel discussions at the AeroDays2020 FORUM on November 25-26 focused on research, technology and innovation as factors enabling climate neutrality, environmental protection and industrial leadership.

Through its members, EREA presented its vision for the future of the aviation industry.

One of the panelists during the session dedicated to the topic “Paving the way towards climate-neutrality by 2050” was the director of Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, Paweł Stężycki, PhD. Eng., who presented the approach and the way EREA research institutes work to achieve climate neutrality in the aviation sector.

The panelists of this session presented the results of Clean Sky 2 program, which will help to pave the way to climate neutrality by 2050.

Presented examples were following:

  • ultra-advanced aircraft configurations,
  • multifunctional technologies of design and production of new generation hulls,
  • environmentally friendly engine technology,
  • new system concepts
  • and competitive, efficient, low-carbon small aircraft of the next generation.

Aerodays 2020 was also accompanied by a presentation of the provisions of the ZEMA agreement (“Zero Emission Aviation”) signed during the IFAR Summit 2020 by 13 research institutes. Among the ZEMA signatories was Łukasiewicz – Aviation Institute represented by its director, Paweł Stężycki, PhD, Eng. More about the ZEMA here :

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation is one of the most modern research facilities in Europe, with traditions dating back to 1926. The Institute closely cooperates with global tycoons of the aviation industry, such as: General Electric, Airbus or Pratt & Whitney, and institutions from the space industry, including the European Space Agency. Strategic research areas of the Institute are aviation, space and unmanned technologies. It also provides research and services for domestic and foreign industries in the field of materials, composite, additive, remote sensing, energy as well as mining technologies.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network provides attractive, complete and competitive technological solutions. It offers a unique system of “challenging” to business, thanks to which a group of 4 500 scientists in no more than 15 working days accepts the business challenge and proposes the entrepreneur to develop an effective implementation solution. At the same time it involves the highest competences of scientists in Poland and a scientific apparatus unique in Poland. What is most important – the entrepreneur does not bear any costs related to the development of an idea for research work. Łukasiewicz meets the expectations of business in a convenient way. The entrepreneur may decide to contact us not only through the form at but also in more than 50 locations: the Łukasiewicz Institutes and their branches throughout Poland. They will receive the same – high quality – product or service everywhere. The Łukasiewicz potential is focused around such research areas as: health, intelligent mobility, digital transformation and sustainable economy and energy.

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