wind tunnel T1

Recently research potential of wind tunnel T-1 (measuring the diameter 1.5 m) was poorly exploited. But the rest time is over. By the end of February in the tunnel T-1 will be implemented PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) system. It is an optical system for measuring three components of velocity in one of choosen planes. Its essence is to take two pictures of so-called particles. inoculum sprayed in the flow which pass through the blade of light (a laser beam, which rays are arranged in one plane, of known thickness). Ultimately, the system will also be used in the five meter wind tunnel T-3 and supersonic wind tunnel N-3.

After completion of studies using PIV in a tunnel T-1 will begin the last phase of the project ESTERA in which participates Aviation Institute. The project is implemented under JTI (Joint Technology Initiative) CleanSky.

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