The project objective is the development of a family of innovative solutions for rotors principally dedicated to work in autorotation, their ground testing and demonstration on a flying demonstrator to show their world class in terms of their high aerodynamic properties, safety, reliability, at the same time being at the forefront in competitiveness with other global products. Once the project is completed, thanks to possessing the capacity to conduct his own further development works on rotor blades, the business partner of the consortium will be able to start manufacturing rotor blades with the highest properties (proven under the supervision of the CAA), both to support his own production of gyroplanes, as well as for further, independent trade to other producers.

The project will provide two alternative solutions:

  • Simplified solution (duralumin structure), dedicated to Class D, C and B gyroplanes;
  • Advanced solution (composite structure), dedicated to Class B and A gyroplanes.

The reasons justifying project initiation:

  • Finding, during the course of the execution of this project in the field of helicopter technologies, a serious shortage in the offer of worldwide rotor producers consisting of a low degree of technological sophistication in light of the contemporary engineering possibilities observed in helicopters;
  • Developing, with the use of contemporary engineering tools, a family of profiles optimised for autorotation that surpass the parameters of the widely used NACA 8H12 airfoils.

The said project titled “A modern autorotation rotor” is an undertaking in the field of high-tech aviation technology. The partners to the venture are: Institute of Aviation – leader in the field of scientific research in the field of aviation, and Aviation Artur Trendak – leader in the gyroplane technology. They will jointly carry out five tasks that will involve industrial research on the development and testing of state-of-the-art, dedicated gyroplane rotors on a technology demonstrator. The rotors will have a new profile from a new family of laminar profiles developed specifically to work in autorotation. As a result, the project will remove the fundamental shortcoming of currently available solutions. The business consortium member will be among the top world leaders in the sector once the results of the project have been implemented. The project is one of the means of revitalisation of gyroplanes in the world in their contemporary and modern forms, which are considered as the successor of helicopters, which in their traditional form, have exhausted the possibilities for further development.

The Operational Programme Innovative Economy
Measure 1.3, Support for R&D projects for entrepreneurs carried out by scientific entities.
Sub-measure 1.3.1 Development projects
Project Name: “Modern autogyro rotor”
Contract No.: POIG.01.03.01-14-007/12 executed on 22 May 2013.
The planned duration of the project – 01/06/2013 – 31/05/2015
Total project value:

The project is being carried out by a Consortium in the following composition:
Beneficiary: Institute of Aviation
Business consortium member: Aviation Artur Trendak

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