The Institute of Aviation for the ninth time hosted science marketing experts during the European Forum of Marketing of Scientific and Research Institutions that was held on November 15-16, 2018. The event gathered over 80 participants from Poland and abroad.

The conference organized by the Institute of Aviation is the only such platform for presenting the latest results of marketing research and practical solutions of scientific and research institutions from all over Europe and beyond.

The special guest of this year’s edition was Professor William Bradley Zehner II from the IC2 Institute (University of Texas in Austin, USA). In his speech, Professor Zehner referred to the Apollo 11 by NASA, as an example of the implementation of a professional marketing strategy conducted by a R&D institution with the support and participation of political decision-makers. The presentation also concerned the impact of technology and science on the growth of prosperity in the society and stimulation of investment in the economy, cooperation of scientific and business teams as well as strategic and tactical marketing in the development of the organization.

Presentations given during the two days of the conference concerned: the internship programs financed from European Union funds, image crisis in marketing management, knowledge and innovations as factors of organizational development, integrated marketing communication (case study: Eco Patrol), employer marketing and employer branding of scientific institutions and universities, co-creation of the brand by consumers, the measurement and evaulation of PR communication e-marketing campaign for an institution of tertiary education (case study), role of services marketing in the “experience economy”, ageing and e-commerce, The concept of networking research institutes in Poland, science festivals, gamification and experiential marketing, the use of virtual reality in the marketing communication, construction of a university development strategy using the methodology of strategic sessions, social media and eye-opening marketing strategy.

The forum also offered participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through workshops on CSR and knowledge management in R&D networks. Participants also took part in the poster session.

The Forum was attended by representatives of institutions from Poland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Scotland, Hungary, Romania and the USA.

The 9th European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organizations was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship  and Technology. The Polish Scientific Marketing Society was the substantive patron of this year’s edition.

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