One more time the Institute of Aviation was the organizer of the international conference devoted to space propulsion systems. This year’s edition was held on October 7-8th and gathered 50 representatives of science from Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Germany and France. The Director of the Institute of Aviation – prof. Witold Wiśniowski  officially opened the conference. Prof. Piotr Wolański, a recognized authority in the field of space propulsion systems, gave an opening lecture.

The conference was preceded by the PulCheR (Pulsed Chemical Rocket with green high performance propellants) Project Management Meeting 5. The project is related to research on new propulsion concept inspired by the defence mechanism against predators of a notable insect: the bombardier beetle. The Space Technologies Division of the Institute of Aviation carries out research which includes the study on combustion of H2O2with selected fuels, and for supplying H2O2 to the testing place of the demonstrator being tested.

The conference was held in the new building of the Center for the Innovative Space and Aviation Technologies which is situated on the premises of the Institute of Aviation. The organizers also took care of the appropriate setting of the whole meeting. Scientists gathered in the main auditorium of the building could look at the 4-meter model of an experimental rocket ILR-33 “Bursztyn”. The rocket is a flagship project which is realized by the Center for Space Technologies of the Institute of Aviation under the statutory program. The project refers to the history of Polish technical thought – the Meteor rocket program developed in the 70’s at the Institute of Aviation.

During the 2-day the conference held six plenary sessions. The guests of the Institute of Aviation were also invited to a short visit in one of the Center of Space Technologies laboratory and research stands in the Aircraft Propulsion Department.

Research papers were presented by: Piotr Wolański (Institute of Aviation), Chiara Boffa (Technical University of Munich, Germany), Jean-Francois Geneste (Airbus D&S, France), Angelo Pasini (SITAEL SpA, Italy), Damian Kaniewski (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Błażej Marciniak (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Michał Pakosz (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Dawid Cieśliński (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Paweł Surmacz (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Michał Kawalec (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Robert Magiera (Space Forest), Adam Matusiewicz (Polskie Towarzystwo Rakietowe, Poland), Przemysław Paszkiewicz (Warsaw University of Technology), Jan Kindracki (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)), Bartosz Bartkowiak (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Wojciech Florczuk (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Kamil Sobczak (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Dominik Kublik (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Ewelina Szpakowska-Peas (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Robert Placek (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Grzegorz Ratata (Institute of Aviation, Poland), Damian Rysak (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) oraz Andrzej Kotarski (Tripoli Rocket Association, Polskie Towarzystwo Astronautyczne).

The organizers of the conference were: the Institute of Aviation, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Warsaw University of Technology and the Polish Astronautics Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Astronautyczne).

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