On October 13, 2017 the Institute of Aviation will host the 8th Night at the Institute of Aviation, the largest nocturnal educational event in Poland, aimed at popularization of aviation and aerospace industry sector in Poland as well as promotion of engineering professions.

The slogan of this year’s edition, which will be held on Friday the thirteenth, is “Night of the living machines”. The program includes thrilling shows, exploration of dark lab spaces, animated robots and extreme machines. The air will be filled with the sounds of the roaring engines and the smell of real adventure.

The “Night at the Institute of Aviation” has become a staple among most important aviation events in Poland. So far, more than 180 companies and institutions in the aerospace, aerospace and technology industries have attended the event. What appeals to imagination the most is the growing turnout year by year. Last year the Institute of Aviation was visited by over 30.000 people. However, the organizers count on beating this record. Unique attractions, novelties and a rich offer of live shows will help to achieve this.

In the words of Marek Gospodarczyk, the event organizer: ‘During this year’s edition, we will show over 70 new attractions, including several new military aircraft. This is possible thanks to our fruitful cooperation with military units which, as always, support our event. This year, apart from the MiG-29 fighter and the CASA C-295 transport aircraft, the following aircraft will be exhibited at our event for the first time: the Mi-8 multi-purpose helicopter, the M-28 B / PT transport aircraft, and the W-3WA SAR Sokół helicopter. In total, thanks to our partners, we will show more than 30 machines. We are also preparing for landing of two Robinson helicopters, belonging to the Airborne Rescue Service and Salt Aviation, as well as many civil aircraft. Aviation fans will greatly enjoy a meeting with the skyline duo Artur Kielak and Lieutenant Jacek Stolarek, who will be posing with their machines. Aerobatics and sports pilot, as well as the first female experimental pilot, Paulina Różyło, will share their aerial stories during special lectures. A special show of road rescue with a car being cut, prepared by the Fire Brigade will wait for guests with a strong stomach. Throughout the duration of the event there will also be demonstrations of unmanned aerial vehicles flying. On special stands there will be exhibited Mars rovers and robots for pyrotechnic activities. Aviation and automotive fans will surely be amazed by the beautiful Aston Martin car in Spitfire colors. You will see no. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron souvenirs and unique NASA exhibits. All aviation fans will also be encouraged to try the flight and virtual reality simulators. For children there will be an interactive Photon robot, with which you will be able to do a lot of experiments. Traditionally, we will also make available our viewing terrace for night spotting and astrophotography. For those who would like to know a bit more about aerial photography, we have prepared a workshop with Sławek “Hesja” Krajniewski and Maciek Margas’.

“Night at the Institute of Aviation” is a unique opportunity to visit the usually inaccessible laboratories and to familiarize yourself with the scope of research work for aviation and more. Visitors will be shown two wind tunnels, including the largest wind tunnel in Central and Eastern Europe. Also opened will be one of the best equipped research laboratories in Poland and the European Union.

A special event, organized for the first time by the Engineering Design Center (an engineering center set up within the strategic alliance between the Institute of Aviation and General Electric) will be the first hackathon in Poland linked to the Predix 2.0 platform – the EDC Industrial IoT Hackathon. The event is aimed at developers fascinated by new technologies, especially airplanes and the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) concept. Within 24 hours, several teams will create software that will address a specific engineering problem. Participants will be operating on the Predix 2.0 software platform and actual turbine simulator data.

Marek Gospodarczyk adds: ‘The main companies of the aerospace industry and aeroclubs will also showcase their attractions. It is here that the Warsaw Aeroclub will celebrate its 90th anniversary. The attractions and exhibitions prepared will be a part of the celebration of this jubilee. For the first time we will also host Pratt & Whitney, which will show the PT6A-28 turboprop engine model. Military Aviation Works No. 2 with their unmanned vehicles offer will also be an exhibitor. The fire trucks and maintenance vehicles, shown by our next-door neighbor, will surely attract a lot of attention. You may also find out more about the nature of the aircraft mechanic profession. You may test your knowledge at numerous scientific student stands and expand it with our Polish Aviation Museum partners’.

As every year for the time of the event specially designed illumination of the whole area will be prepared. DJ Buyas will take good care of good mood. Food and picnic spots will await the tired. The event will end with the “Polish Aviators Night” official afterparty, which will begin at 10 p.m. at the Rozrywki club in 6/8 Mazowiecka street.

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Marek Gospodarczyk

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Wojciech Łukowski

Director of Marketing Department

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