On September, 7-11 in Delft, Holland the 5th CEAS Air and Space Conference took place. One of the points of the conference was to vote on the election of the organizer of the next meeting of the CEAS. The main candidates were: Bucharest, Warsaw and Moscow.

At the conference were presented about 175 papers from 25 countries, divided in thematic sessions blocks and 7 plenary lectures, usually delivered by 2, sometimes 3, speakers from various research institutions, government agencies or industries. The number of registered participants exceeded 500. The conference was accompanied by two large workshops, one devoted to the European project AFloNEXT and the second organized by EWAD (European Workshop for Aircraft Design Education). Most of the papers were prepared by European authors, but several presentations prepared by non-European centers were also noted.

Polish papers were prepared primarily by the staff of the Institute of Aviation, Warsaw University of Technology and a few other centers.

During the meeting the CEAS Trustees Board decided on the place of the next CEAS conference. In the decisive second ballot Warsaw, proposed by the Polish Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (PSAA), received 5 votes, while Bucharest, proposed by the Romanian Association of Aerospace, received 6 votes. Moscow, proposed by the Russian side in the first ballot received only one vote, but this one proved to be the decisive vote in the second ballot.

Scientific level of the conference was high – after each paper serious discussions related to the presented material were held. A particularly high level was represented by the plenary papers that attracted a lot of interest.

Detailed information on the conference (including many abstracts of presented papers) can be found on the CEAS website (http://www.ceas2015.org).

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