On 20-21 November 2014 will be held the 5th European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organisations. This year’s forum will be yet another occasion to discuss and exchange views in the field of marketing of scientific and research organisations.

This is an exceptional event which brings together the marketing staff of research institutes, higher education institutions and interested parties to enable the further broadening of knowledge and competencies and which enables renowned key players, leading scientists and practitioners in the field of marketing from the whole of Europe to truly join forces. The speakers include university professors and lecturers, staff from research and scientific organisations as well as practitioners from Polanda nd abroad.

The mission of the forum is to present the newest research results and practical solutions that are being implemented by scientific and research organisations amongst which are the leading European scientific institutes, education institutions and technology parks.

The main focus of the Forum will be on marketing strategies supporting the promotion of the specific services that are offered by scientific and research institutions in Poland and other European countries. Topics will include marketing research and analysis, B2B marketing, public relations, social marketing, the commercialisation of research results, and copyrights.

The event will not only offer a unique opportunity to become familiar with the current trends, new tools and instruments and strategies in the marketing of scientific and research organisations but will also constitute the ideal professional environment for the fruitful exchange of views and constitute an invaluable networking scenario.

The European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organisations has entered the calendar of marketing events for good thanks to its innovative form and truly substantive approach to marketing.

More information about the conference.

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