Between 10th and 11th October 2011 in Warsaw will be held 3rd European Innovation Summit “Towards a European Innovation Ecosystem”. Conference will be organized by Ministry of Science and Higher Education” partnership with European Parliament’s forum Knowledge4innovation, which is represented in Poland by foundation Technology Partners (Institute of Aviation is its member).

The conference’s main challenge is to reconcile the idea of policy cohesion and flexibility as well as align these policies with the right instruments in achieving the best results. The conference will address issues, in which cooperation between the EU member states and regions is highly significant, such as:

  • R&I strategies tailored to national and regional context – principles, areas and partners;
  • R&I strategies tailored to national and regional levels–smart specialisation, building the ERA, broader participation;
  • European Governance – policies and instruments for research and innovation: necessary synergies;
  • Policy mix for research and innovation – tasks and targets, measurement and diagnosis, instruments.

The participation in Warsaw Part of 3rd EIS 2011 is free of charge. To register, please use the registration form.

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The 3rd European Innovation Summit has been granted the unique opportunity to present its conclusions – the lessons learned and policy recommendations – to the Innovation Convention, organised by the European Commission, on the 5th and 6th of December 2011.

The 3rd European Innovation Summit (3rd EIS) will continue on the 11-13th of October at the European Parliament in Brussels. For more information on the entire event, please visit the Knowledge4Innovation website.

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