On 12-15 July 2016 in Temasek Laboratories, National University of Singapore the International Workshop on Detonation for Proulsion (2016 IWDP) was held.

It was the fifth workshop concentrated on this issue. The previous ones were organized in 2011 (two of them) in Bourges and Pusan, 2012 in Tsukuba, 2013 in Tainan, 2014 in Warsaw (at the Institute of Aviation) and 2015 in Beijing. Professor Piotr Wolański was a member of the workshop organizing committee and a research paper of Piotr Wolański and Michał Kawalec, both from the Institute of Aviation, under the title „Influence of Mixture Supply Parameters on Stability and Performance of Rotating Detonation in Methane-Oxygen Mixture” was an inaugural paper at the conference.

The conference was attended by the invited researchers from Singapore, China, France, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Germany and USA. It was decided that the next workshop will be organized in the USA.

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