Unmanned helicopter ILX-27

19 October 2012 held the 4th Night at the Institute of Aviation. It was a unique, one night in the year when normally unavailable for the public Institute of Aviation opened its doors for those interested in aviation, cosmonautics, modern technology… but not only! Everyone could find something interesting for him. Whole families visited the Institute! Visitors had the opportunity not only to see up close the real aircraft, helicopter, glider, and hovercraft, but also to get to their cabins! Everyone could feel like a pilot sitting at the controls of simulators – this year was a lot them! It was the only event in Poland where at the same time was presented such number of unmanned vehicles, such as the smallest flying platforms for cameras as well as bigger unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and the full-size helicopters, from the Institute of Aviation and PZL Świdnik! But that’s not all! Guests of the institute within six hours could see, inter alia, models of helicopters, beautifully illuminated fountain, enjoy an exceptionally close huge passenger jets taking off and eating a delicious dinner. On the Night of the Institute of Aviation everyone found something interesting. Guests interested in cosmonautics enjoyed real Mars rover, satellite, spacecraft instruments and an exhibition of models of rockets and real telescopes. Specially prepared for the occasion illumination and music mixed live by a professional DJ meant that it was hard to believe that the Institute of Aviation is a respectable, well-deserved research unit of 86 years of history!

The gallery with the pictures from the 4 Night at the Institute of Aviation you can find here

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