On June 28, 2017, the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation (PKBWL) celebrated its 15th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, a scientific symposium was held, attended by members of the committee and invited guests.

Among the speakers were: Andrzej Pussak – the deputy chairman of PKBWL, Andrzej Lewandowski – the chairman of PKBWL, Andrzej Żyluk – the deputy director of the Air Force Institute of Technology, Lech Kopka – the deputy director of the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine.

Leszek Loroch, the deputy director of the Institute of Aviation, delivered a lecture on the Institute’s participation in accident investigations in civil aviation.

The symposium was also a great opportunity to award commemorative tokens by the representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction – Mr. Łukasz Smółka.


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