ceasThe scope of the workshop will be to review recent developments in the prediction and measurement of the aerodynamic noise generated by aircraft propellers and open-rotors. Particular emphasis will be given to the realistic operating conditions of installed open-rotors, characterized by strong blade/wake interactions and, at cruise, by high blade-tip speeds. High fidelity numerical techniques based on hybrid CFD/FW-H approaches, as well as fast predictive methods for multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization will be critically reviewed and linked with the latest achievements in rotorcraft aerodynamics and aeroacoustics. Reports from recent experimental campaigns are welcomed as they provide a forum for discussing new challenges in wind-tunnel noise measurements and large-scale experiments. Particularly encouraged are comparisons between measurement and prediction. Scientists and engineers from industry, research, establishments, and universities are invited to present new results, exchange ideas, and discuss directions of future research. Young researchers will find a good opportunity to widen their perspective in the field of open-rotor aerodynamics and aeroacoustics.

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