On January 16-17, 2020, the 13th conference “Fatigue of Aircraft Structures” was held at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation. The meeting was organized by the Materials and Structures Research Center.

The conference “Fatigue of Aircraft Structures” is the annual expert meeting devoted to the fatigue of aircraft structures and structural integrity.

Speakers of the 13th conference “Fatigue of Aicraft Structures” were the scientists and researchers from the Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation, the Air Force Institute of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, as well as representatives of the 41st Training Air Base and engineering companies operating on the market (MTS, HBM Prenscia).

At the conference, employees of the Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation presented, among others, the results of diffraction measurements, including stress analyses in printed samples made of Co-Cr superalloys (as well as the vision of diffraction methods application to determine material fatigue state) and test results of:

  • the rescue patrol hovercraft engine frame (Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation has the skills to design and test engine frames for mounting on hovercraft, is also the only institute in Poland that is able to design and test a complete hovercraft),
  • parachute systems,
  • landing gears.

The conference also discussed topics related to: the testing of composites, samples and structures made using additive technologies and fatigue testing of unmanned aerial systems and aircraft used by Polish Air Force.

The next conference “Fatigue of Aircraft Structures” will take place in January 2021.

Photo gallery from this year’s edition and other information are available at: http://cbmk.pl/fatigue13/.

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