On 24-29 July 2016 in Dalian in China the eleventh International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention and Mitigation of Industrial Explosion (ISHPMIE) was organized. The symposium is a continuation of the six International Colloquium on Dust Explosions organized by professor Piotr Wolański in the years 1984-1993 in Poland and the seventh organized in 1994 in China.

Since 1994 the conference subject has been broadened and it is continuously organized every two years under the title “International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention and Mitigation of Industrial Explosion” (1996 in Norway, 1998 in USA, 2000 in Japan, 2002 in France, 2004 in Poland, 2006 in Canada, 2008 in Russia, 2010 in Japan, 2012 in Poland, 2014 in Norway and 2016 in China). From the very beginning professor Piotr Wolański was the chairman of the international organizing committee of the series of the conferences. More information on the history of these conferences can be found here: http://ishpmie.dlut.edu.cn/meeting/index_en.asp?id=2551.

At the conference, from the Institute of Aviation, excepting professor Piotr Wolański – who have opened the conference together with the local organizers, participated also Grzegorz Rarata, PhD and Paweł Surmacz, MSc. Eng. In total, the symposium was attended by nearly 200 participants among which were many researchers from Poland. The detailed programme of the symposium is on the website: http://ishpmie.dlut.edu.cn/files/20160705/160705_1623503.pdf.

The next symposium will be held in 2018 in Kansas, USA.

The papers presented by the researchers of the Institute of Aviation were following:

  1. Piotr Wolański: “Research on industrial explosion safety in Poland”.
  2. Grzegorz Rarata, Paweł Surmacz and Piotr Wolański: “Explosion safety of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide”.
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