Meet Our Speakers

Witold Wisniowski

Director of the Institute of Aviation

Piotr Wolanski

Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Aviation

Alfredo Leoni

Ambassador of Brazil

Zbigniew Piotrowski

Military University of Technology

Janusz Biliński

Director for Traction Development and Quality Manager in MEDCOM Sp. z o. o.

Professor Olexiy Shynkarenko

Head of the Aerospace Engineering Course and Chemical Propulsion Laboratory of University of Brasilia

Jose A. G. Gustavo

Director, International Business Development Europe, Middle-East and Africa Embraer Defense & Security

Fred Abbink

President of the Council of European Aerospace Societies

Joanna Gocłowska-Bolek

Ph.D. – Director of Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Warsaw

Roman Domański

Institute of Aviation

Adam Wiśniewski

Institute of Aviation

Grzegorz Kunikowski

Warsaw University of Technology

Grzegorz Kozłowski

Director of the Americas Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Konrad Kozaczuk

Director of Center for Composite Technologies, Institute of Aviation

Giancarlo Santilli

Assistant Professor at University of Brasilia, Faculdade Gama (FGA)

Paolo Gessini

Assistant/Associate Professor at the University of Brasília (UnB)

Jarosław Milewski

Power Engineering Division of Institute of Heat Engineering – Warsaw University of Technology

Jan Kindracki

Associate Professor, Warsaw University of Technology

Grzegorz Kopański

Mechanical UK Sub-Section Manager, General Electric

Marta Wąsik

Life Cycle Engineering CFM56 Section Manager

Piotr Wiatr

GE Aviation