The First Polish-Brazilian Conference on Science and Technology took place on September 21-22, 2015, in Brasilia, in one of the leading Brazilian federal universities, the University of Brasilia. It was the result of a growing interest in both countries in developing both economic and scientific cooperation. Many high level participants from the worlds of academia, business, and government from both Poland and Brazil attended the conference and presented their respective country’s achievements.

During this First Polish-Brazilian Conference on Science and Technology the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, and the University of Brasilia signed an agreement creating the Polish-Brazilian Center of Excellence for Aviation and Space High Technology, whose aim is to develop regular academic and scientific cooperation between these institutions, as well as their partners both in Poland and in Brazil.

The cycle of the Polish-Brazilian Conferences on Science and Technology aims at deepening the understanding of our mutual needs, strategies, perspectives, motivations and cultural behaviors, as well as at searching for new ways of enhancing cooperation amongst the leading research centers in the USA and Brazil. What is original about this initiative and its very essence is the fact of its bringing together people who are wholeheartedly committed to the idea of building cooperation and helping Polish-Brazilian ties.