Biblioteka Naukowa nr 25 Marian Jeż – Airport environmental impact. Methodology of atmosphere protection

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Autor: Marian Jeż
Tytuł: Airport environmental impact. Methodology of atmosphere protection
ISBN: 978-83- 923098-3-3
Oprawa: miękka, klejona
Rok wydania: 2007
Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwa Naukowe Sieci Badawczej Łukasiewicz – Instytutu Lotnictwa
Liczba stron: 131
Język wydania: angielski


Opis: This book is concerned with aviation sustainable development. First three chapters comprise „state of the art” in relevant topic of air transport and aero-engine exhaust gases. Next two are dedicated to the most popular programmes for calculation aircraft pollutant emissions and their dispersion: American EDMS – Emissions and Dispersion Modelling System and European ALAQS-AV – Airport Local Air Quality System-ArcView. Only short introduction is presented in the book – fuII software manuals, with other files interesting for environment subjects students of University of Warsaw and University of Ecology and Menagement in Warsaw, available at annexed CD. EDMS calculations are flight cycle based, while ALAQS approach is aircraft movements based. The second programme was used to assess air contamination by Warsaw F. Chopin Airport activity in 2004, which is described in Chapters 6 and 7. Planned exhaust gases dispersion computation is subject of next Chapter. Other nuisances resulting from airport activity like noise and electromagnetic radiation are shortly referred in suite, with current legislation, prognostics and conclusions to end up with. The scope of this book does not encompass route flight induced pollution except for condensation trails – because of the broad interest they excite and their contribution to the climate change.