Scientific Library No. 7 M. Muszyński, M. Orkisz – Turbine jet engine modelling

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Author: Mirosław Muszyński, Marek Orkisz
Title: Turbine jet engine modelling
ISBN: 83-904367-5-2
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 1997
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 258
Language of publication: polish


Description: The monograph presents the basics of thermogasodynamic modeling of turbine jet engines of various structural forms in steady, transient and emergency states. Continuous and determined models are presented, specifying the general areas of their application.
The whole was completed with additions supplementing the theory of modelling real systems and illustrating the practical application of the considerations presented in the monograph related to the model examination of turbine jet engines and the method of small deviations in the diagnosis of this type of drives. The monograph is intended for designers and operators of turbine jet engines and can be used by PhD students specializing in the theory and construction of these engines.