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Łukasiewicz Research Network ‒ Institute of Aviation in Warsaw was established as a Technical Research Institute of Aviation in 1926, and had its share in testing of almost all Polish aircraft. Initially, the results of their work were presented in the "IBTL Reports". After the World War II ‒ since 1956, Institute of Aviation had been publishing Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, a scientific journal. It was also known as Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa. Currently it is published by Łukasiewicz Research Network ‒ Institute of Aviation under the title Transactions on Aerospace Research to underline that everybody from around the world, who is interested in aviation and space sciences can publish results of his or her research here. Exchange of information in the area of aerospace research is the main aim of the Transactions on Aerospace Research. In general we publish new and original articles dedicated to aerospace engineering. However, we also publish papers from other sciences, concerning aviation and space exploration like: astrophysics, astronomy, remote sensing, photogrammetry, atmospheric sciences, materials sciences, aviation and space law, aviation and space economy, aviation and space organization, aviation and space medicine, history of aviation and space technology, communication etc. Each article is peer reviewed before publishing. The Journal is indexed in ICI Journals Master List and BazTech science databases. This website is an archive of articles, and here we present the journal in a new version.

Based on the decision of the Minister of Science of January 5, 2024, 20 points are awarded to the academic achievement for the scientific articles published in the journal.

Professor Cezary Galiński

Editor in Chief

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Scientific Publications Division
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