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Wieńczysław Stalewski – Design and aerodynamic optimisation of rotorcraft

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Author: Wieńczysław Stalewski
Title: Design and aerodynamic optimisation of rotorcraft
ISBN: 978-83-63539-40-5
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2017
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 488
Language of publication: polish


Description: The main idea behind this monograph is to show the widest possible spectrum of computer methods and programs which can be used as tools for aerodynamic design of rotorcraft. The book contains issues from many fields including: computational fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, optimization methods, mathematical methods of geometric modeling, construction and operation of machines, software engineering. The author discusses computational research and design tools and presents examples of their practical application in the process of aerodynamic design of rotorcraft.