Scientific Library No. 46
Maciej Bossak – Fundamentals of tensor account in curvilinear coordinates

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Author: Maciej Bossak
Title: Fundamentals of tensor account in curvilinear coordinates
ISBN: 978-83-63539-33-7
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2016
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 146
Language of publication: polish


Description: The tensor account, which is a generalisation of the vector account, has various applications in mathematics, physics and technology. It allows to simplify and shorten the records of complicated mathematical operations and relations and to formulate in a compact and transparent way using the tensore dependencies (equations, inequalities), for example the laws of physics in a form independent of the adopted system of coordinates.

The basics of the tensor calculus and the associated symbolic and indicator records are presented in relation to curvilinear coordinate systems.

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