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Marek Dębski, Daniel Dębski – Selected issues of fatigue strength of aircraft structures

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Author: Marek Dębski, Daniel Dębski
Title: Selected issues of fatigue strength of aircraft structures
ISBN: 978-83-635390-6-1
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2014
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 452
Language of publication: polish


Description: The monograph presents important issues of fatigue strength of aircraft and other structures. After the historical sketch a number of fatigue tests of aircraft and helicopters carried out in the Institute of Aviation are mentioned. Then, on the basis of fatigue analyses and studies carried out within the framework of the Iryda training and combat aircraft project, a method of evaluating the fatigue life of the aircraft supporting structure was presented. In order to ensure an adequate level of safety of aircraft operation and controlled use of their fatigue life, concepts of continuous assessment of fatigue wear and tear and the intensity of operation of aircraft supporting structures were presented. To implement this concept, autonomous load and fatigue recorders of structural load-bearing structures have been developed. Works related to the development, research and implementation of this type of recorders intended not only for monitoring of aircraft structures were discussed in detail. The next item discusses the essential elements of each fatigue analysis and each load selection for fatigue testing, which is the adoption of some necessary generalizations in the form of strength hypotheses, such as the assessment of material and structural strength, limit curves and the reduction of cycles of complex stress and load states to fatigue-equivalent cycles. This group of issues also includes the criterion of material and structure strength supported by the results of fatigue tests of notched specimens carried out in complex load states. Then, the issue of composite nodes of load-bearing structures is presented in the issue of fatigue tests of DEKO-9 aircraft fuselage trusses and currently implemented implementations in other – innovative load-bearing structures. The extensive literature of each chapter, and especially the chronologically presented in the Supplement list of the main studies of the Fatigue Strength Laboratory and Department of the Fatigue Strength of the Institute of Aviation, makes it possible to access the source materials. The inventions quoted in the chapter Patents, although not directly related to the subject matter of this study, nevertheless confirm the innovative activity of the team, also outside the area of fatigue resistance discussed here. The presented monograph is probably the first such extensive and multithreaded study on fatigue strength of aircraft structures in Poland.