Scientific Library No. 32
Marian Jeż – Trends and methods in aeronautical research

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Author: Marian Jeż
Title: Trends and methods in aeronautical research
ISBN: 978-83-932592-3-6
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2011
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 157
Language of publication: english


Description: The edition presents current state and perspectives of aviation technology for Polish engineers, decision makers and stakeholders. Specifically, we shall consider such development trends which could be successfully cultivated in Poland, like General Aviation and also those essential for communication and development-airports and navigation. It is important to invest time and money in those domains of aeronautics which are most prospective, according to the best scientist. Also, appropriate choosing and fostering of national specialties would enhance our chances for bigger involvement into European aviation projects and wider, win-win cooperation. The presentation of chosen proceedings of two last world Congresses (and intermediate Workshop) of ICAS (International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences) allow to define current ”state of art” in aeronautics and its prognostics. Respecting Copyright Statements we cite those fragments of chosen papers, which contibute to awareness of future aeronautics development trends and methods in known Polish boundary conditions, for the best choice of topics to cooperate. At the same time, we strive to popularize the newest achievements of aeronautics, fulfilling this way the primary objectives of ICAS. Such an effort is particularly important for emancipating nations of Eastern-Central Europe to make sure their potential and keen attitude to aviation to aviation shall not be idle and ignored.