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Maciej Kaiser – Extended reynolds analogy with non-stationary flow around the plate

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Author: Maciej Kaiser
Title: Extended reynolds analogy with non-stationary flow around the plate
ISBN: 978-83-923898-5-7
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2008
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 124
Language of publication: polish


Description: The paper presents the results of investigations of extended Reynolds analogy in the wall layer on a heated plate in various conditions of its flow. On the basis of measurements of local resistance coefficient C and Stanton’s number along the slab in streams of different turbulence levels, the distribution of the intermittence coefficient as a three-parameter distribution of Weibull distribution was determined. For transient flow with traces of runoff, the value of Reynolds’s coefficient of expanded analogy is 1.10, while in the other studied cases the value of this coefficient is 1. Moreover, the distribution of the intermittance coefficient in the form of a three-parameter distribution of Weibull’s distribution was proposed to determine the distribution of the Prandtl number in the area of laminar-turbulent transition in the adjacent layer for flows of different transient level.