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Z. Gosiewski, K. Falkowski – Multifunctional magnetic bearings

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Author: Zdzisław Gosiewski, Krzysztof Falkowski
Title: Multifunctional magnetic bearings
ISBN: 83-915995-5-8
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2003
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 376
Language of publication: polish


Description: Magnetic bearings are used in high technology products: turbomolecular pumps, electro-spindles, artificial hearts, bearingless motors, electric, kinematic energy storage tanks and others. In these devices, magnetic bearings perform both tasks typical of classical bearings and a number of other tasks, such as: identification of physical and dynamic parameters of a rotating machine, identification of external disturbances and induced forces, control of adaptive free and induced vibrations and diagnostics of a rotating machine. The monograph presents theoretical foundations and algorithms of operation of such bearings. The research team (led by the first author) has described the elements of automation for the needs of the rotor motion and vibration control system: sensors, amplifiers, executive elements and digital controllers. The structure is discussed and basic dependencies of magnetic bearing calculations of heteropolar and homopolar type are given. The results of simulation and experimental tests of a rotor machine with a rigid rotor and radial and axial magnetic bearings are presented. This is the first monograph in Poland describing in such detail the advanced mechatronic product. The book will be useful for designers of rotor machines, as well as help for students of technical universities in the field of mechatronics.