Polish Airplane and Insignia 1943-2016

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Author: Tadeusz Królikiewicz, Robert Gretzyngier
Title: Polish Airplane and Insignia 1943-2016
ISBN: 978-83-635392-1-4
Cover: hardback, sewn binding, jacket
The year of publication: 2016
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 415
Language of publication: polish

Link: https://sklepinstytutulotnictwa.pl/p/26/7570/polski-samolot-i-barwa-1943-2016-.html

Description: The first edition of the book “Polish Airplane and Insignia” (covering in one volume 70 years of Polish aviation) was published in 1981 and the second one in 1990.
Now that we are approaching the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Polish aviation, a new edition was published, significantly improved and supplemented. This volume, covering the history of Polish aviation from the time of its formation in the East in 1943 to the present day, contains nearly 2,000 photographs from the collections of many photographers and enthusiasts who for years have been recording the history of painting and marking aircraft and helicopters under the sign of a white-and-red chessboard. Without their involvement, the album would not have been possible.