Historical Library No. 8
Alfred Baron – Airplane I-23 Manager

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Author: Alfred Baron
Title: Airplane I-23 Manager
ISBN: 978-83-635390-1-6
Cover: hardback, sewn binding
The year of publication: 2012
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 364
Language of publication: polish

Link: https://sklepinstytutulotnictwa.pl/p/20/7568/historical-library-no-8-alfred-baron-airplane-i-23-manager-.html

Description: The book is mainly devoted to the construction and research problems, which had to be faced during the research of the aircraft I-23 “Manager” on the ground and in flight. They concerned the issues of dynamic loads of aircraft structure, aerodynamics in terms of large angles of attack and flight dynamics – corkscrew, fatigue of materials, resistance to lightning, susceptibility and strength of the structure to collisions with obstacles and economic issues. The book discusses the most important events that have taken place during the research process, explains their causes and presents the preventive measures taken. The book should be particularly useful for young engineers facing new challenges in the design and testing of aircraft structures.