Historical Library No. 16 Stanisław Śmist – My aviation. Truths and myths about aviation and other stories

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Author: Stanisław Śmist
Title: My aviation. Truths and myths about aviation and other stories
ISBN: 978-83-63539-56-6
Cover: paperback, glued binding
The year of publication: 2019
Publisher: Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation Publishing Houses
Quantity pages: 337
Language of publication: polish

Link: https://sklepinstytutulotnictwa.pl/p/20/7647/historical-library-no-16-stanislaw-smist-my-aviation-truths-and-myths-about-aviation-and-other-stories-.html

Description: The truths, myths and stories presented in this book were written by me some time ago. When writing these letters, words and sentences, I had no assumptions as to who would read them and whether anyone at all would read them. I tried to write it all in a simple language, one that I use every day, and some terms, especially those related to the aviation field, I tried to describe in not very detailed, exact and scientifically but in a way understandable for those who had little in common with aviation. I intended to describe situations and events that were not officially discussed or allowed to be discussed. During these several dozen years of my relationship with aviation, I observed many such events in which I did not participate in depth, and which I observed as if from the side, because they were in my range of interest. I named the events that I witnessed as truths, while those that I heard from someone were myths and stories. For many years of my life I was associated with one employer who maintained my relationship with aviation. On the history of this employer or WSK Mielec, I could base my views and assessments not only about my employer, but also about my homeland in which I lived and worked, first in the Polish People’s Republic, and then the Polish Republic. As it happened in Poland, so did my employer and directly in my surroundings. There were ups and downs. At that time, when I was taking up work, WSK Mielec was a huge production plant employing over twenty thousand employees and producing various products, from flying and riding, to those for use in households.