Historical Library No. 15
Ryszard Witkowski – Helicopter’s history – hardback

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Author: Ryszard Witkowski
Title: Helicopter’s history
ISBN: 978-83-635395-4-2
Cover: hardback, sewn binding
The year of publication: 2019
Publisher: Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation Publishing Houses
Quantity pages: 539
Language of publication: polish

Link: https://sklepinstytutulotnictwa.pl/p/20/7639/historical-library-no-15-ryszard-witkowski-helicopter-s-history-hardback-.html

Description: Ryszard Witkowski (b. 1926), a titled helicopter pilot of the Institute of Aviation, author of well-known textbooks and books popularizing the history of aviation, created a work which he calls the work of a lifetime. He collected materials for it for 40 years, using his numerous contacts with manufacturers and direct acquaintance with the world’s most eminent helicopter constructors.

“The history of the helicopter is the first factual monograph presenting the idea of the helicopter from its beginnings to the present day. The book, despite its historical accuracy, is written in a very interesting way. Witkowski guides us through the history of European pioneers, and fully presents the contributions of Americans and Russians. Of course, there is also a large Polishstrand. Due to the completeness and regularity of the study “Helicopter’s history” should be in every aviation library. Numerous illustrations, many unknown facts, sometimes sensational – all this makes it “from cover to cover” read.