Historical Library No. 13
Jerzy Grzegorzewski – Polish aviation industry 1944-1989

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Author: Jerzy Grzegorzewski
Title: Polish aviation industry 1944-1989
ISBN: 978-83-635394-4-3
Cover: hardback, sewn binding
The year of publication: 2018
Publisher: Scientific Publishers of the Institute of Aviation
Quantity pages: 473
Language of publication: polish

Link: https://sklepinstytutulotnictwa.pl/p/20/7553/historical-library-no-13-jerzy-grzegorzewski-polish-aviation-industry-1944-1989-.html

Description: The publication is intended for readers interested in the Polish aviation industry and the Polish aviation. It can also be useful for employees of the aviation industry, as well as for students of aviation faculties of universities and technicians, and for historians of technology.